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on Friday, 02 December 2011. Posted in The Biogas Blog

A few months ago it ocurred to me that the international market for biogas and anaerobic digestion technology might need a website which is completely dedicated to it.

I thought that a website focusing on biogas and anaerobic digestion would be able to support this market in moving faster ahead.

It could make it a lot easier for businesses, energy companies, researchers, organizations and public authorities to get connected, to share knowledge and business opportunities – and find new solutions.

As an editor and a journalist I have been writing about biogas and anaerobic digestion, mostly in Denmark, for about 15 years – but also about a lot of other topics in the green business sector.

For three years I have also been working on a book about customer innovation leadership in cooperation with Peter Lindgren, the leader of International Center for Innovation.

Having nearly accomplished this book, I now have had both the time and the opportunity to realize my idea of an international website dedicated to biogas. So here it is,

This spring (April 2011) the global biogas plants market was forecast to reach $8.98 billion by year 2017 according to Global Industry Analysts (read more).

I think this is why a great number of businesses are struggling to gain a foothold in the international biogas market despite some challenges caused by the economic crisis.

My primary goal for this website is to contribute to overcoming some of these challenges by providing better opportunities for everyone in the market to get better connected.

Now, I’m really excited to see, how you – the people in the market – react to the launch of this site.

Best regards,

Poul Erik Pedersen

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