About BiogasGlobal

My name is Poul Erik Pedersen. I am the founder of BiogasGlobal that went online late November 2011.

My vision is to add value to the international market for biogas and anaerobic digestion by helping the market to getting better connected and improving the level of knowledge.

Therefore I have created BiogasGlobal as a first step towards building an international analysis, PR- and communications business for the biogas and anaerobic digestion markets.

I started writing about biogas and anaerobic digestion as a very young local newsreporter in Denmark in 1988. I 1996 I became public relations manager for Hedeselskabet - a business foundation based in Denmark performing green business in several international markets. I became a freelance journalist and PR-consultant i 2005, but stayed editor of Hedeselskabets magazine Vaekst (Growth) which is in Danish and deals with environmental issues as well as nature and bioenergy, including biogas and anaerobic digestion.

My first customer at BiogasGlobal is Xergi who is specialized in biogas - from technology development to delivery of turn-key plants.

Any questions or comments, please contact us!

Best regards
Poul Erik Pedersen